Awwsome Possum Fan Club

Photo of Possum

To join the club, just visit our Donations page and select "Awwsome Possum Fan Club" for your donation designation.  Or, you can mail a donation to:

Blind Hope Cat Sanctuary
PO Box 2338
Rogers, AR 72756

Fan Club Members

Juried Family Foundation
Shadow Cats
Annette Pinto
Averi  Watkins
Barbara Moody
Becky Perry
Becky Yarrington
Brian Patrick Delaney
Christine DeBremaecker
Christine Schad
Erika Archibald
Janis Carmack
January Parker
Jennifer Black
Jill R. Haviland
Jill Shade
Julie Cristadoro
Kathleen Lehman
Lesley Quiroga
Linda Cooper
Lisa M. McQueen
Lisa Simonetti
Liz Rutherford
Marcia Sanderson
Nancy Crosby
Shannon McIntosh Murdock
Sharyn Kessel
Sonya Stiel
Stephanie Pecuch
Susan Gunsher
Susan Peavoy
Veronica Zamora

Thank you for all your help!