Meet the Cats

Our Sanctuary is a permanent home to cats with special care needs: blind, handicaps, behavioral issues, FIV (immune compromised) and other medical concerns. We provide them with the loving daily care and commitment they need and deserve.

Your sponsorship allows us to continue providing them with high quality food, regular vet care and an engaging and comfortable quality of life. You can sponsor one or more of our sanctuary cats with a tax-deductible donation that can be paid monthly ($30), quarterly ($90), or annually ($360). We encourage multiple sponsors for each cat so that we may allocate funds to help other cats in need.

Sponsoring is easy and fun!

Sponsors are always welcomed to visit their cat(s) and take a tour of the Sanctuary. Contact us to make an appointment for a tour. If you would like to become a Sponsor, simply click here.

Click on a cat photo or cat name to read more about each cat.

Bagel Bagel
Brie Brie
Bunny Bunny
Cheeto Cheeto
Corky Corky
Gouda Gouda
Hopie Hopie
Jack Jack
June Bug June Bug
Lucy Lucy
Max Max
Pancho Pancho
Pixel Pixel
Purrscilla Purrscilla
Skyla Skyla
Sushi Sushi
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