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Abby came to us through a TNR project that BHCS Founder and President, Leticia Stivers, worked on at a mobile home park in Austin, Texas. Abby was already a teenager but only semi-socialized to humans. The owners of the home where she was trapped did not want her returned and since she was not friendly enough to be adopted through the animal shelter, she became a resident at our sanctuary. Abby has since blossomed into a very sweet girl who loves nothing more than a head scratch as she looks at you lovingly with those big, gorgeous eyes.

Abby gave us quite a scare a few months ago. We noticed she would stumble then fall over when she tried to walk. Our veterinarian determined she had developed Peripheral Vestibular Disease, which caused her head to tilt and make her extremely dizzy. She spent about three weeks isolated in our cattery kitchen. So she would not injure herself, we put down lots of padding and blankets on the floor. She had to be lifted and placed into her litter box.

She would look at us and meow ever so quietly. Probably so confused as to what was happening to her. Fortunately, the peripheral version of this disease can have a good outcome and over the next few weeks, Abby's ability to walk improved. She has now completely recovered and we're hoping that the disease does not return.


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