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Bella had a difficult life before coming to our Sanctuary. She was a blind, barn cat at the home of a puppy mill. Our veterinarian suspected she went blind as a result of not receiving adequate nutrition. Her diet? Dog food and deer corn. The good news was that all the dogs were seized and a Trap-Neuter-Return group came out and trapped Bella and 8 other cats for sterilization. As Bella went through her spay surgery, the vet discovered she was blind and so she came to our Sanctuary. But the remaining 8 cats were sick and the shelter decided to hold and treat them for upper respiratory infections. During their treatment, the staff discovered all the cats very friendly so they went on to be adopted instead of being returned to the farm. Although completely blind, Bella quickly answers to her name and enjoys snuggling on a lap or stretching up for you to pick her up. She's a quiet little girl who gets along with everyone. Her favorite spot is on the heated pad on the couch.


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