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A few years ago, one of the local businesses referred a desperate woman to us. She had just moved to this area and adopted Callahan from a small shelter to keep her company. Two days later, she decided she could not afford to take care of her. The shelter recommends they look for a new home if they decide they can't keep them, so she was suddenly desperate to get rid of her. She pleaded and begged and we relented, thinking we could network with our rescue friends to find her a new home. As soon as she arrived, we discovered she was the perfect cat. Friendly, outgoing, goofy and loving. We were sure we would find her a home immediately. What we did not count on was that kitten season was fast approaching and all options soon disappeared. No one had room. We had one promising home but the resident kitty freaked out so back she came to the Sanctuary. We feel she has experienced far too much upheaval so she is now a permanent resident. We love her sweet nature and goofy playfulness.


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