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We received a call from a rescuer who had moved out of town, asking if we could take a cat she adopted out as a kitten but was now being held as a stray at a local veterinary clinic. Normally, we would say no since our mission is to help special needs cats. But not only was she found as a declawed stray, but she also tested positive for FIV. Her adoption options closed up and she came to the Sanctuary. We advocate strongly against ever declawing a cat.

Layla is Sponsored!

I chose to sponsor Layla because I have an FIV positive cat as well, Peaches. When he was diagnosed as FIV positive, the vet offered putting him down as treatment. She claimed he wouldn't have the best quality of life and could easily infect my other kitties. That was not an option for me. Four years later, he is still a perfect, healthy, chunky boy. Needless to say, I no longer take him to that vet clinic.
--Lilly Haynes

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