Buddy is one of our blind cats who should never have gone blind. He was found by an experienced trapper after finishing up a day of trapping ferals on an elderly ladyís property in east Austin. She looked up and saw this small kitten with bloody grapes for eyes. He had developed such a bad eye infection that his eyeballs had ruptured. The elderly lady knew about his illness but didnít do a thing to help him. Fortunately, the trapper was able to scoop him up and immediately take him to a veterinarian who removed his damaged eyes.

He came to live with our Founder and President, Leticia Stivers, shortly after his recovery. By coincidence, he has almost the same markings as Jack. So we call him Jackís little brother. They wrestle and can often be seen grooming each other. He has no trouble climbing the tallest tree trunk in the outdoor enclosure or the tallest cat condo inside. He just
climbs down in reverse.  He is also a very playful little guy as demonstrated in this video.

Buddy has a sponsor!
Buddy is the most amazing cat I have ever met! I have had the honor of meeting this little guy and was so amazed at how agile he is.  It's hard to believe he is blind! 
--Barbara Peck