Dusty is one of our blind, senior gentlemen. He came to us after he and his sister were dumped at a rural shelter when their owner died. A fellow rescuer saw them and pulled them for adoption in Austin. It was then that she discovered they were both chipped and had been clients of a local vet clinic where she worked. The clinic knew their owner, a 40 year old man with mental issues. He had brought Dusty in for the vet to determine how his girlfriend had blinded his cat. The vet said there was no indication the cat had experienced any kind of abuse. His blindness was likely due to old age or high blood pressure (something not normally checked in cats). The man died shortly afterwards and the cats ended up at the rural shelter. Most shelters wonít accept senior cats and they are most at risk for euthanasia since special needs cats are difficult to adopt. So he came to live at the sanctuary. Heís got a sweet teddy bear face and the personality to match. He will grab your hand with his big paw and pull it towards him. Itís his way of showing you he wants his head scratched. We always oblige.

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