Honey was another cat that came to us through a trap-neuter-return effort in South Austin. Her trapper found her when she out trapping and heard kittens crying and discovered their nest in an old tire. The mom was quite feral so while she continued to look around, and found Honey. She was older kitten -- the sole survivor of the mom’s previous litter. Honey was living all alone in the back of the property hiding under an old trailer. No one was feeding her and she seemed desperately hungry. The family living in one of the shacks would throw leftovers out sometimes but often it was just oily rice. The trapper started feeding her regularly and finally trapped her to be fixed. Once she had her, she couldn’t bear to return her to such a life of misery. She begged us to give her a better life than living on the streets because she was not part of a group and all alone. We agreed she could not be returned and joined our sanctuary. Honey was very shy when she arrived and would not let us near her. But we were so thrilled when we saw that she bonded quickly with several of the cats like Jamie and Cici. Lately, she’s allowed us to pet her a couple of times but it’s always on her terms. She stays close by when we’re petting the other cats, so we know it’s just a matter of time until she learns to trust. She can take all the time she needs. She’s here to stay and we will be patient until she’s ready.