Sofie was our first bottle baby ever! She arrived after our vet called asking for our help. A Good Samaritan had found her under a tree all by herself, no more than a few hours old. We stepped in and cared for her round the clock. Neonatal kittens need to be fed every 2 hours, day and night. As a singleton, she grew quickly and was very independent. After a good meal, she’d run back into her carrier and crawl deep into the blankets. To this day, she loves sleeping covered up. But Sofie taught us an important lesson. Single kittens don’t have anyone to learn good behavior and boundaries. Play fighting with siblings teaches them that. So Sofie grew up as a biter, despite our best efforts. We’ve learned her moods and preferences so we don’t get bit anymore. But it takes awareness and patience to interact with her. We still love her to pieces. She’s a love bug who likes to curl up under your blanket and ask that you pet her head ever so gently.